Custom Equipment

Care Medical supplies equipment that is custom.  Ultralight Wheelchairs, Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs and Power Wheelchairs with Power Seating systems and Pediatric Equipment such as Standers, Specialty Strollers and Gait Trainers are the primary items we supply.  This equipment is used everyday by our clients and their families.  To obtain equipment, our clients typically have an evaluation with a PT or OT and the Care Medical ATP (Assistive Technology Provider).  Equipment recommendations are then submitted to our clients insurance providers to obtain authorization.


Care Medical provides full service for the products we sell.  Due to the large number of clients we have, we cannot service products that we did not provide.


Service Areas

Care Medical Service Areas

What We Don’t Do

We are really good at the complex stuff…. Saying ‘Yes’ to the some things means we say “No” to others.  We don’t do: Scooters, Jazzabouts, Ramps, Transportation, Disposables, Oxygen, Enterals, Breast Pumps, Supplies, Vehicle Modifications, etc.

Custom Wheelchair and Pediatric Equipment = Yes!